and respect

Polo Winery and Vineyards was born as a family concern over 25 years ago. It was founded by Ramón Polo, our father, whose vision connected our family with a project that has already been carried out by two generations.

Passion, respect for the soil as well as the invaluable work and dedication of those men and women who go on this journey with us, complete our virtuous circle that brings about our wine.

Love for
the terroir

We value our family roots as much as those elements that shelter and nourish our vineyards: the earth and the climate. They were worshiped and admired by the indigenous peoples in the area as two of the four life-giving components.

Our winery
and vineyards

In 2001, we recycled and re-equipped an antique winery located in Luján de Cuyo, a historical and iconic district of our province, without compromising its original architecture. Concrete vases, stainless steel tanks and oak barrels are some of the tools that allow our winemaker to create great wines that originate in grapes from La Consulta and Maipú.

In 2011, we built a state-of- the-art winery to produce our sparkling wines with our best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.

Our wine

I’m HERENCIA. Inheriting implies staying together through time, honoring our family values. LA PALABRA, the word given to those who trust feeling pleasure and enjoyment and to those who raised me. RESPETO, respect for nature and for the effort inspired by those who gave me life. I inherited the right work culture, motor nerve of my presence, my own origin. TRABAJO. Sun, water from the Andes, good people. All this inhabits each and every bottle. Believe it, there’s life in there, there are hidden sensations and there’s joy. I’m with you.


It’s the result of an unflagging search for keeping the essential characteristics of a grape. The simplicity of this wine boosts its versatility to liven up every moment and meal. Young and strong, it upraises aromas and it perfectly closes this shared experience.




Red Blend


The vital process of a grape, implies moments, forms of care, in brief: a relationship. We therefore understood that each grapevine plot requires proper care and respect. In return, it gives us its essence, which manifests through a vibrant, intense and consistent personality. It bursts in, challenges, longs for giving back what it received.


Red Blend

White Blend


La Palabra

Appreciating the very spice of life is only possible for those who have lived long and intensely. People who have received good care, seized opportunities and learnt on their path from difficulties and prosperity. This wine, long and complex, with textures that display its knowledge, talks to us and teaches us through the word. It tells us about its long life, its adventures. It’s released through its bouquet and it’ll remain in the mouth.


Red Blend